Thames Tideway Central – Battersea

Providing Specialist personnel for excavation of  both Westbound and Eastbound TBM machines, for Thames Tideway Central Project

London – Ongoing

Rorcon are currently providing specialist labour to construct two 7.2m ID segmentally lined tunnels underneath the Thames. Progress has started on the westbound TBM, named “Millicent” after Millicent Fawcett, an English suffragist, and has surpassed the 100m mark. This tunnel is the current priority and will be heading West 5km to Carnwath Road, where the TBM will breakthrough into a reception shaft.

The Eastbound TBM, Ursula, named after Audrey “Ursula” Smith a British cryobiologist, has been placed in the adit in preparation for launch. Once Millicent is well on the way, recruitment for Ursula will begin and the commissioning works will begin, setting up all the back up equipment which measures a whopping 100m+ long!

The progress of this job is ongoing. Please follow our social accounts for updates on our progress.