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Rorcon Ltd. are established as a key specialist subcontractor in the UK Tunnelling Industry.

Our ethos of sharing mutual success is at the heart of everything we do.

We achieve this by providing committed people, delivering successful projects
and achieving high levels of performance.

Race to complete London’s most ambitious railway. Crossrail a massive expansion of London Underground.

The 11 year £15 Billion project will add 60 miles of track and 10 stations and Rorcon were proud to be part of it.

Deep underground, workers from all around the world are digging out London’s new super sewer.

Rorcon are delighted to be assisting on such a vast project which all Londoners will reap the benefits of. The tunnel will be 16 miles long and will stop sewage overflowing into the Thames.

Tideway’s first TBM “Millicent” is underway on her journey underneath London.

“The Partner of Choice.”

Tunnelling and Mining.