Thames Tideway- SCL Works

Construction of multiple shafts, culverts and connection drives, 3-4m ID using the Secondary Concrete Lining tunnelling method.

Rorcon’s expertise was called upon to assist FLO with the construction of SCL shafts and tunnels to form the connections to the new “Super Sewer”. Our teams successfully constructed the lower sections of shafts at Albert Embankment, Heathwall and Cremorne Wharf, using Sprayed Concrete Lining from depths of 46m-50m between. The teams have also constructed connection tunnels, in SCL, ranging from 12m – 145m in length, and at diameters between 3-4m ID.  The majority of these works has taken place underneath the River Thames and the sites stretch from Cremorne Wharf in the West, to Blackfriars in the East.