Thames Tideway East

Rorcon were awarded the labour contract for Tideway east in Winter 2020 and have supported CVB (Costain Vinci Bachy) in supplying highly skilled, experienced tunnelling operatives in all disciplines, as well as surface support. The Chambers Wharf site is the main drive site on the Eastern section and is the reception site for Tideway Central’s TBM and their own smaller drive from Greenwich. Rorcon are also supplying specialist tunnelling and personnel to the King Edward Memorial Park site on the Eastern section where three-quarters of a million tonnes of raw sewage enters the river Thames every year! The Tideway Project is working to ‘intercept’ those overflows and clean up the Thames eliminating the amount of sewage that enters the river.

The TBM Selina was launched from the Chambers Wharf Shaft in January 2021 and will travel 6km East towards Abbey Mills pumping station. The chambers wharf site also saw the removal of TBM Ursula who completed her 7.6km Journey from the Kirtling street site on the Central Section in Battersea. Check out this video here of some interesting artifacts found by Archaeologists at the Chambers Wharf Site before the main excavations begun!

In addition, the Greenwich Pumping Station site is another location on the Eastern section where Rorcon have successfully supplied specialist personnel and surface support. The team has helped construct 4.5km of tunnel through chalk 45m below ground! This site is being used to drive the Greenwich connection tunnel to Chambers Wharf using TBM ‘Annie’. This tunnel will help deal with the sewage overflow problem into Deptford Creek and River Ravensbourne. Click here to see more information on TBM ‘Annie’ including who she was named after!

Rorcon are one of two preferred suppliers suppling skilled personnel to assist with the construction of Thames Tideway East and throughout the project Rorcon have invested and trained specialist STP (Slurry Treatment Plant) Operatives and, upskilling and continuously aiding our workforce’s career progression.

Rorcon supplied specialist Tunnelling labour for the East section of the prestigious Thames Tideway Project.

Winter 2020 -Ongoing