New Tyne Crossing

Bouygues were awarded the New Tyne Crossing, building a second road tunnel underneath the river Tyne in Newcastle. Although the majority of the tunnel was constructed using Immersed Tube techniques, there were two sections of tunnel to the south of the river that had to be excavated beneath an aray of utilities, where conventional excavation with Sprayed Concrete Primary lining had to be used. Bouygues chose Rorcon as their specialist for this section of works. The SCL sections totalled approximately 80 linear meters. The cross-section was horse shoe shaped with a width of approximately 14m and a height of 11m . It is believed to be the largest open single face SCL tunnel excavation ever undertaken in the UK. Rorcon provided all of the specialist personnel for the SCL works, and key people to assist Bouygues with the secondary lining. Rorocn also assisted with the remedial works which were carried out to the existing Tyne Tunnel.

Construction of 2 sections of 11m x 14m Sprayed Concrete Lined Tunnel forming part of The Second Tyne Crossing