Kenilworth Sewer Outfall

Our team sank an 8m underpinned caisson shaft and drove a 1.5m x 1.5m heading to connect to an existing sewer

Rorcon were appointed by West Point Construction to carry out the specialist works required to construct a 225mm storm outfall for a Bovis homes housing development of 125 houses.  Rorcon constructed a 9m deep, 4.5m dia. segmentally lined shaft by the underpinning method. To excavate the shaft, which was in hard sandstone, the team used a combination of  a Brokk 160 demolition robot and a mini digger to load the muck skip. After the shaft was completed, the gang drove a 1.5x 1.5m square heading, 15m in length, which was excavated using a Brokk 70 with a Bob Cat MT55 Skid Steer Loader for muck removal. The heading was driven underneath Warwick Road and formed a connection into the existing sewer. The team then installed a 225mm diameter pipe which will serve as the new outfall for the development.