Gold Mine in Ecuador – Futa Del Norte Project

Rorcon supplied specialist skilled workers to excavate access adits for the Fruta Del Norte Gold Mine in Ecuador, (the largest in Ecuador!!) The project ran for 5 months and the workforce worked on a 24/7 shift pattern to achieve the programme. Due to the remote location of the scheme, many challenges had to be addressed, including establishing a batching plant capable of producing high quality shotcrete to support the excavation.

The Rorcon teams successfully completed 2 No. access adits each 75m in length to the satisfaction of the engineers, and safety handed over on time and on budget. Overall there were no injuries and the overall safety record was impressive.

For a deeper dive, check out the site here: Project Overview | Lundin Gold Inc.

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Excavation of access adits for Futa Del Norte Gold Mine Project in Southeastern Ecuador.  Supervision and specialist labour engaged to construct 150M of 7M diameter SCL lined access tunnels.

2017 – Ecuador