Pedestrian Underpass Ingatestone Hall

J Murphy & Sons Limited

March 2014

Rorcon were engaged by J. Murphy & Sons Limited to provide the specialist mining labour for the construction of a new underpass in Ingatestone to replace an unmanned level crossing.

The underpass was carried out using the “Box Jack” method of construction. The box was cast in-situ on the East side of the main London to Ipswich railway line and then “jacked” under the railway whilst trains continued to operate above. Rorcon provided two teams of men to carry out the excavation within the box and advance the box below the live railway lines.

Crossrail C300/410 Western Running Tunnels

BAM Ferrovial Kier Joint Venture

Crossrail Ongoing Project

Rorcon Limited were awarded a Subcontract by BAM Ferrovial Kier (BFK) to provide specialist Tunnel Labour on the Crossrail C300/410 Contract. The project involves the construction of 6.4km of segmentally lined tunnel plus numerous chambers, caverns, adits and shafts most of which are lined with by Spayed Concrete Lining (SCL). In addition to this a major part of the scheme is to excavate and line the new station junctions at Bond Street and Tottenham Court Road. Again here the primary lining is in SCL. Rorcon are proud to be part of what is currently Europe’s largest construction project.

Crossrail C435 Farringdon Station

BAM Ferrovial Kier Joint Venture

Crossrail Ongoing Project

Rorcon Limited were awarded a Subcontract by Bam Ferrovial Kier (BFK) in March 2013, to provide specialist Tunnel Labour on the Crossrail C435 Contract. The project involves the underground construction of the new Farringdon Station and forms the major junction point of the East & West bound Crossrail Tunnels.

The logistics of this contact are challenging, as well as accommodating the arrival of 4 TBMs into the works area the construction has the additional complication of major ground faults in the area where the station is being constructed. Farringdon will become one of the major central stations of the new Crossrail scheme. Rorcon have a significant number of men assisting BFK on this section of the works.

UK Power Networks Willesden to Taylors Lane Deep Cable Tunnels

J Murphy & Sons

December 2011-13

Appointed by J Murphy & Sons to construct 1.3km of 2.85m ID segmentally lined tunnel using Lovat TBM. Additional 125m of 2.44m ID tunnel excavated by back-hoe tunnel machine, negotiating radii of 40m. Construction of segmental and SCL shafts up to 6m diameter and 30m depth, plus SCL chambers.

Tottenham Court Road Station Upgrade

Ongoing Project

Rorcon were awarded an order to supply Specialist Labour to the Vinci Ban Nuttal Joint Venture on the Tottenham Court Road Station Upgrade.

The works include construction of segmental and SCL lined shafts, plus a labyrinth of underground tunnels and adits forming new underground routes for the major upgrade taking place at TCR. In addition Rorcon are providing specialist tunnel labour for the enlargement and improvement of both the Central and Northern Line Platform Tunnels.